Delivered Control

Current Technologies delivers custom access control solutions that offer our customers the ability to efficiently manage access to one or multiple buildings with an easy to use management interface.  Our IP access control readers and controllers permit and restrict access only to the members of the facility which our customers deem to be appropriate. We enable our customers to have real-time monitoring and control of user credentials and every access point through a browser-based or on premise package.


Additionally, our access control solutions integrate with a wide range of VMS (video management systems) enabling a single, powerful interface for unified control and communications.  Our access control systems are built to have the capability to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory which supports the propagation of selected information about employees.  This Microsoft integration leverages the existing Active Directory security policies and procedures that are used to meet compliance and regulation reporting requirements.


Our customers have experienced a wire-array of benefits from our access control solutions & integration including: reduced installation costs, convenient infrastructure integration, reduced management & administration costs, and straightforward post-incident investigation processes.


"We provide our customers peace of mind knowing that their facility is properly secured with our access control solutions."

-Alyssa Cazzato, Security System Consultant


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