"With over 30 years of industry experience and over 50 partners available to choose from, I ensure that our clients are receiving the best solution for their company’s SDN and Telecommunication needs."

-Steve Vachon, VP of Telecommunications


Solutions From Leading Providers Including:

The Software Defined Era

SDN (Software Defined Networking) has been an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and extremely adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of many of today's applications.  Our SDN solutions address the need for on-demand access to applications, infrastructure, and other IT resources and our services provide your workforce with high performing, elastic and secure environments. As a SDN broker, we take on the responsibility of finding a solution partner that is going to ensure that you receive high network flexibility, better service provisioning, and faster time to production for cloud and internal business solutions. 

We Offer

  • Communication Bill Analysis and Resolution including error correction, negotiation for issuance of carrier bill credits and ongoing communication bill maintenance.

  • A comprehensive selection of equipment for data, voice and video conferencing applications.

  • Additional voice solutions including money-saving local/long distance usage plans, teleconferencing (audio-video-web), call centers, load balancing and call management.

  • Communication services from the leading carriers in the business

Our Proposition

Let us analyze the needs of your business and present you with a solution that will reduce costs and maximize productivity. Our capability to deliver experienced telecom consulting allows you to have a single source solution for your business.

  • We are a"Communications Broker" and play no favorites when it comes to recommending and implementing solutions.

  • We are proud to represent the industry leaders in communication — providing products and services across the nation.

  • Wherever your business is located, we have you covered with total carrier diversity and unbiased consultation to help you design, select and implement the solutions that best fit your unique business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Software Defined Networking (SDN)?

Software defined networking is a modern approach to networking that eliminate the complex and static nature of legacy distributed network architectures through the use of a standards-based software abstraction between the network control plane and underlying data forwarding plane, including both physical and virtual devices.

What do you offer that I can't get directly from a carrier (like AT&T or Sprint) or equipment provider (like Cisco or Dell)?

Expertise and objectivity. Current Communications offers each of our customers a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. In addition, we are carrier neutral. Our partnerships with numerous carriers across the country as well as leading hardware and software providers allow us to create unbiased solutions that best fit the needs that are exclusive to your business. The bottom line—the only company Current Communications answers to is yours!

Is there an initial cost for your firm to service our business?

No. We'll visit your company and give you an objective analysis of your telecom needs and how we can help. When you choose us to order carrier services for your data and voice needs, our compensated partnerships with leaders in the communication industry allow us to provide this service to you free of charge. If you require additional professional services including network consultation, inside wiring, Router and Firewall deployment and configuration, project management, and communication bill analysis and resolution—these are provided at a nominal fee.

Do I pay more for services through your firm than if I go directly to the provider?

No, never. As a matter of fact, we provide a —Best Pricing Guarantee— which ensures that the prices for transport services from Current Communications are the same or lower than if you went directly to the carrier.

If I sign a contract for services, is my agreement with your firm or the carrier?

Current Communications is a facilitator. Although we represent the carrier to provide our customers with communication services, we negotiate a contract with the carrier as your customer advocate--for the best terms and prices possible. The contract that you ultimately sign is an agreement between your company and the specific carrier.

How are you different from all the other providers out there?

Our years of experience crafting network solutions and our consistent management of our customer accounts gives us a distinct advantage. Many newer companies learn as they go and don't have the practical experience to properly service their new and existing customers. More times than not, the large carrier representatives (if you have one) do not provide consistent coverage, changing your account team often. Your company suffers while the new team "ramps up". You waste valuable time.