The Networking Equation

Wired & wireless networking technologies has been rapidly changing for years, and the mobile expectations which most consumers have internalized with have lead organizations to quickly evolve their network infrastructure to accommodate for the mobile movement. Current Technologies recognizes your organizations need to make the right investments in networking infrastructure solutions and have created a well defined approach to determine which wired and wireless technologies will most effectively meet your business' goals.  We understand that the network and mobility equation must include a collection of technologies which must have critical performance from both the core and edge of the network.

We offer senior level Wireless Network Management by constantly monitoring the devices that are entering your network.  By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all devices connects, we provide IT the insights they need to support the workplace. 

The Networking Solution

Current Technologies has develop a fully comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of networking technologies and products which our certified, professional consultants customize and tailor to every environments needs. 

Wired Networking

  • Switches

  • Routers

  • SDN architecture (software defined network)

  • Structured Cabling

Wireless Networking

  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Cloud-based control

  • On-Premise control

Outdoor Wireless Networks

  • PTP Backhaul (point-to-point)

  • PMP (point-to-multipoint)

  • Mesh Networks

  • Wireless Encryptoin

Let us help answer your networking equation


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current trends in wired networking?

Gigabit, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and 10GB+ network links between switches are now common to provide support for applications such as Voice, Wireless Access Points, and Video.  The increased demand for bandwidth is being driven by modern demands being placed on the network such as streaming Internet video, voice, video surveillance systems, and high resolution 4K video.

What are the current trends in wireless networking?

The speeds available for the wireless network are increasing with the release of 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.

How is the wireless network secured?

Data encryption, which only gives authorized users access to information over your wireless network.  User authentication, which identifies computers trying to access the network as well as secure access for visitors and guests.