Downtown camera system catches burglar in the act

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OTTUMWA, IOWA -- Ottumwa Police Chief Jim Clark released a statement late Friday evening concerning a burglary that took place at Appanoose Rapids Brewing Company in downtown Ottumwa. According to Chief Clark, Bruce Darneil Pollard, 24, of Ottumwa was arrested on February 17th and charged with Burglary in the 2nd Degree

Chief Clark states that on Thursday, February 16th, his department investigated a burglary that happened at 9:30 a.m. on February 15th at the downtown restaurant. The owner of Appanoose Rapids reported to the department that an unknown person entered the front of the building through an unlocked door, took money from the cash register, then left.

The Ottumwa Police Department utilized the city's downtown camera system to find the suspect allegedly entering the business. Officers then identified Pollard and took him into custody.

According to Chief Clark, the camera system was purchased with a COPS Technology grant, costing $375,000. Currently, 29 cameras are installed throughout the downtown corridor.

Police Chief Jim Clark stated, “This is a perfect example of why we wanted to incorporate the camera system into our crime prevention strategy for the downtown and Church Street areas. I anticipate we will see a significant reduction in crime in the area due to the cameras and that business owners, shoppers, and residents will be able to experience a safer and more secure downtown."