Current Technologies helps the nation's fastest growing county bring backups up to speed

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“I’ve worked with other consultants before, but they have never been as knowledgeable as Current Technologies,” says Darryl Kollins, Network Administrator at Kendall County. “Current Technologies is able to tap into the local Dell technical and sales staff to help with anything we need. That shows us the strength of their partnership, and it gives us a lot of confidence that we’re making the right choices.” 

Business Need

In the event of a server failure, Kendall County, Illinois would have lost as much as 24 hours’ worth of data and required at least three days to recover. The county needed better disaster recovery capabilities, so it turned to Current Technologies Corporation, its longtime service provider and a Dell™ Certified Partner.


Current Technologies worked with Dell to craft a solution whereby Kendall County virtualized all of its servers and moved all data storage to Dell EqualLogic™ iSCSI SANs, which back up among themselves using built-in snapshotting and replication functionality. Now if a server fails, the county can recover the machine in one hour and lose 30 minutes’ worth of data at most.